Saturday, November 17, 2007

What Will They Think?

My family has been interested in paranormal ever since I can remember. Although they never truly studied the field or delved too deeply into it, they were open to it. So, this direction seemed rather natural to me.

This is different, however, for my wife and her side of the family. With a solid christian background, she is understandably a bit skiddish about certain aspects - specifically physically going into a supposed active location. Being a history and mystery buff, however, she enjoys the research and helps me tremendously. Overall, she is very supportive. I feel that in time she will want to get more involved - but that is her choice.

The shaky part comes when the subject surfaces with her side of the family. As strong christians themselves, I am unsure how some of them will react. So, we simply don't discuss it for now - but I'm prepared for the day it does.

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