Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Investigation #4

This was to be the weekend I've been waiting for - to travel to an old city scarred with a deep history of war and restoration in a location generally accepted (and promoted) as active. I fully expected this to be a textbook lesson in Debunking 101.

The night went by for the most part without incident. I was, however, surprised by a few things our team sensitive came up with. Keep in mind I am quite skeptical about psychics and the like. Although I have had a few experiences in my younger years (which I may discuss later) I find much of it very hard to believe. However, the sensitive with us mentioned a few things about the history of the location that later turned out to be right on point. That made me wonder. Did this person research the location before hand to the point where they knew these things? Maybe. Maybe not. Either way, it definitely opened my mind to this person's abilities. I want to know more.

Nearing the end of the investigation the team leader and I moved to the 2nd floor for a last sweep. While staring down a long hallway with video and audio rolling we heard what sounded like a loud thud followed directly by a sound of something being dragged across the wooden floor. The source was clearly about 15 feet ahead of us. I would describe it as someone stomping on the floor with a boot then dragging it a few feet. We were quite surprised by this and moved ahead to the area to investigate further. Nothing and no one was in the room aside from a few boxes and pallets.

The team leader asked for a sign of a presence on the count of three. He counted, "3... 2...Thud." I heard a light thud similar to what we heard previously but much lighter to my left along with a slight vibration in the floor. It felt as if someone had stomped on the floor next to me. The team leader was to my right and there was nothing in the area of the sound but wooden floors and a wall.

I supposed the second experience I had could have been some kind of electrical or plumbing system kicking on/off - but the timing was too ironic to dismiss. As for the first sound, we both thought it may have been caused by a box falling but later review of video shot previous to our experience shows the boxes in the same position.

One more experience to chew on and wonder...

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