Sunday, October 21, 2007

Investigation #2

To protect those involved, I will not disclose locations and names pertaining to any investigations. But I will be as detailed as possible regarding my personal experiences for the sake of knowledge.

We were told that a news crew may be following us on this investigation doing a story to be aired on Halloween. I was a bit nervous seeing as I was the newest member of the crew.

The location is relatively old, dating back to the early 1900s but as beautiful as it was when it first opened its doors. We broke up into teams taking different floors of the building.

Just my luck, the camera crew picks my team to follow first. I just did my best to pretend they weren't there. With a camera guy hovering over my shoulder I did an initial EMF sweep of the room while my partner followed with an audio recorder. We continued with my camcorder (with newly-bolstered nightvision) photos and asking questions for possible EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena).

We continued the search being rotated to different parts of the building throughout the night.

Then it happened...

While walking into one room I heard something in my right ear. It sounded as if someone had just come up close to me and whispered something. It sounded like "Hi. How are you?" I turned to find no one there but a male team member to my left. I didn't think too much more about it.

Upon review of the audio later, there it was, "Hi. How are you?" Wow. I fully expected not to experience anything for quite sometime. So, for something like this to happen so quickly kind of threw me for a loop. Catching an EVP is one thing, but combine caught audio with a personal experience means so much more to me.

The Facts:
- The audio was caught on two different devices: my video camera held in my right hand and my audio recorder held in my left hand
- The audio level of the 'whisper' is much higher on the video camera than on the audio recorder
- I heard something at the time which is evident by my immediate reaction also recorded

So in analyzing this trying to narrow down the source of the area I've come up with the following:

Being that the audio level of the 'whisper' was higher on the video recorder (in my right hand) that the audio recorder (in my left hand) I have to deduce that the source of the noise was in the room. If it had been something from the outside or further away, the levels would have been more similar if not the same.

I'm not sure what to make of this yet, but it sure makes me wonder.

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