Saturday, October 6, 2007

My First Field Investigation & Meeting The Team

I recently went to an orientation to meet other members of the Florida Ghost Team. This orientation was both educational and confirmed that I was joining a team very serious about their work. I came out of there confident I was on the right path. That night was to be my first field investigation with FGT.

I spent the remaining day with the founder, Shaun Jones, and a few of the veteran members walking around town getting to know them. We had lunch and discussed our beliefs and experiences. I realized that the people I had met carried with them much the same beliefs as myself. Like me, they believe in the possibility of paranormal activity, but work to prove such in an analytical manner.

On to the investigation...

To protect those involved, I will not disclose locations and names pertaining to any investigations. But I will be as detailed as possible regarding my personal experiences for the sake of knowledge.

Good thing this was a field test for me because I spent most of the time fighting with my equipment. I had a mini-dv camcorder, and digital camera. I learned quickly that the standard 'NightShot' built into my camcorder was little effective in the extreme dark. That being useless, I resorted to snapping photos with my still camera. Doh! The batteries kept dying. Damn rechargaebles! A learned lesson there too.

I also learned that a flashlight is a staple.

My team leader had an audio recorder and an EMF detector. He was very helpful in giving me tips along the way and thoroughly explaining what he was doing in great detail. I owe a lot to him - more than a few sets of batteries that he lent me throughout the night.

I learned a lot about looking for sources of noises. With claims of voices being heard, we noticed numerous windows and cracks lead to the outside which seemed to be a likely source.

I left that night encouraged to trudge on with the new-found experience with the team.


I have one photo out of the lot that has something on it I can only describe as a white blob of light. I wouldn't even call it an 'orb' as it is not a circular shape - more like an upside-down Mickey Mouse. But it's small and full white with no transparency. A picture I took only seconds before it shows nothing but a wood ceiling in the spot. Nothing reflective in the immediate area. However, the light upon examination has a light purple aura on one side and yellow on the other. It could be a bug. I suppose it could look like a fly with wings. But would the flash reflecting off a bug produce that aura? I don't know.

That prismatic effect leads to me believe that it's probably some kind of reflection. From what, I do not know.

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