Thursday, June 12, 2008

What the Puck?

Patrick Burns (star of Haunting Evidence) showed us a new device at Ghost Gathering that a friend of his is working on. It's called The Puck. From his site:
Serious Investigators will appreciate the features of the Paranormal Puck Tie your investigation together in one place with all the data time stamped logged and ready for review. Also experiment with real time evp using the ECM communications modes. Watch the energy in the environment as it changes real time! The Puck turns your pc into a paranormal power house.
Basically, it takes a number of measurements all at the same time including EMF and temperature. It logs the raw data, codes it, then formulates a response from a set list of dictionary words. So, essentially, it will 'talk' back to you with words chosen from the dictionary based on the environment.

The theory is that an entity MAY be able to respond in actual words through this device by altering the environment. Of course we were very curious and gave it a shot. The responses seemed, of course, very random. But it would be interesting to see if any ironic words or phrases come up as a response to questions. I'm just curious enough to give it a shot.

Check it out at:

He's also has a device called The Ovilus. This device has the same basic properties as The Puck but with vocal responses. Again, based on the environment it chooses a word from a dictionary and vocalizes it through a set of speakers. This one doesn't have the data logging capability as of yet, but I understand that's on the way.

Check it out at:

If nothing else, this will be a fun device to use.

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