Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Ghost Hunters International

Don't forget to check out the new show, Ghost Hunters International, tonight on Sci-Fi channel.

Robb Demarest, FGT Asst. Director (and the guy who brought me into the team) will be heading up the GHI team. It should be a great show. I know I'll be glued to the tube tonight!

So check it out tonight at 9pm EST on Sci-Fi channel!

An added bonus: Ghost Hunters will be new tonight as well with their 2nd visit to St. Augustine.


bangbang said...

hi when you was first on tv i whatch you all the time i never beleved in ghost but most of my young life i was scared to death not that i seen any thing pobly my amagaenation but youre show is all reruns from the startsoall i do is cheak in on the showes for new ones but im following youre internet sight and hopig to learn more but im not a beliver in ghost but would like tohave that experans

the old south said...

glad to see you all doing some investigations overseas. was curious as to why you called them all "haunted" considering only a few of TAPS have been labled that. Allthough you did have Brian and Andy with you and they have been known to label a place "haunted" too quick in the past. all in all great show I never miss an episode. Looking forward to this new season of TAPS.